London Unfurled for iPad

London Unfurled for iPad is an interactive digital edition that allows you to fully explore Matteo Pericoli’s intimate drawings of the north and south banks of the Thames. With London Unfurled for iPad you can scroll the entire drawing seamlessly, flipping from north to south, jumping from place to place, finding famous landmarks, zooming in on its extraordinary detail and discovering over a hundred points of interest with added facts and amazing background information. You can also share your favourite views with your friends, telling your own London story on a digital postcard.

Matteo Pericoli opens up his experience of creating this inimitable work of art in audio voiceover highlights, and two of London’s most famous cultural figures (Iain Sinclair on the North and Will Self on the South) offer their thoughts on the city’s character.

In 2009 Matteo Pericoli (author of the bestselling iconic book Manhattan Unfurled) made an intensive journey along the River Thames, from Hammersmith Bridge to the Millennium Dome. Over two years later, he finished the most astonishing document of his journey: two thirty-seven-foot-long freehand pen-and-ink drawings.

The app has been produced by the Picador team, working with Matteo Pericoli, and developers Red Glasses.

Available now from the Apple iTunes App Store -

James Long, Pan Macmillan’s Editorial Director for Digital said:

London Unfurled for iPad is not just a 'book-as-app', rather it is a digital edition designed for the tablet and for interactivity and I’m delighted with what we’ve made.

Picador Publisher Paul Baggaley added:

London Unfurled is a unique project for Picador and it is one where the extraordinary physical book and the wonderfully useful app complement each other perfectly.

CEO, Red Glasses Adam Martin said:

Matteo's beautiful artwork pushes the iPad to its limits, from the tiny details of individual windows, to a huge canvas that reaches more than 20 metres end to end. The enthusiasm of Matteo himself and the people at Pan Macmillan - who from the start believed in making an app that complements the book, rather than replaces it - made the project a delight to work on.