Pan Macmillan reports exponential ebook growth

Pan Macmillan reported today that its ebook sales accounted for over 8% of all its trade sales in the first quarter of 2011, with a rise to as much as 10% predicted by the end of this year. At the same time the publisher’s sales of print books have shown double digit sales growth in the same quarter.

Pan Macmillan’s Q1 rate of ebook sales has increased fifteen-fold since the first quarter of 2010. The publisher now has some 1300 ebooks available, up from 500 during the same period a year ago. Pan Macmillan is currently digitising the remainder of its active backlist.

Pan Macmillan’s ebook programme includes hardback number one bestsellers, Wilbur Smith, whose Those in Peril, released in March 2011, was its fastest ever selling ebook at the same time as breaking records for his hardback sales, Jeffrey Archer, whose latest novel, Only Time Will Tell, is currently at the top of the hardback and ebook bestseller lists, Peter James and Emma Donoghue who have both enjoyed ebook No 1s.

Pan Macmillan also dominated the iBooks Top 20 over Christmas 2010 including its innovative Short Reads series, which packaged individual short stories by branded authors at 99p each and gained them significant promotional profile.

Sara Lloyd, Pan Macmillan’s Digital Director, comments,

“We're delighted with our strong ebook performance. Clearly the market is developing apace. We've capitalised on our ability to move fast to expand our customer base and proactively pursue the strategic promotional, packaging and placement opportunities that digital publishing affords us, to get ahead of the game."