Welcome to the busiest year ever!

Hello and welcome to 2010, everyone. In each of the last three years, publishers and the media have asked, 'Will this year / next year be the year of the ebook?' I think in 2010 we can all offer a resounding 'Yes' to that question. Digitalists, prepare for your busiest year ever! I hardly need mention the buzz around ebook devices at CES, the near hysteria about exactly what shape the rumoured Apple device might take, who they might be talking to in publishing circles or the speculation about how the Big Three (Amazon, Google and Apple) are squaring up to each other in a battle for the ebook market.

Here at The Digitalist we have barely had time to breathe, let alone react sensibly to this frenzy, but we'd like to point you to thought-provoking, non-biased analysis here and here. And while we all look forward to the Big Reveal next Wednesday with baited breath, you can always read my now already hopelessly out of date revisiting of my Manifesto, commissioned by Peter Urpeth of Hi-Arts. It's already been suggested I should revisit this on an annual basis, but the way things are going a weekly update might work better.