Apple iPad

@stephenfry says: Nothing you can say about the iPad matches the experience of using it. So much more than a large iPhone or small laptop. Stunning feel. The long-awaited convergence device is here. General chatter about the web seems to be that perhaps the reality doesn't live up to the iDream (sorry, no more iPuns, I swear). But nevermind - the Apple iPad is a significant device for a number of clear and simple reasons.

Apple has joined the ebook party, which means that the consumer experience is going to get that special Apple flavour. The first good news is that iPad & iBooks are epub compatible, and that's good news for publishers and consumers alike. The iPad device added to the iBooks platform presents a genuine challenge to Amazon Kindle. It's a new element in the ebook ecosystem that will bring a fresh challenge to the market this year. Glimpses of the iBooks store in today's demo suggest ebooks will be priced up to $15.

Read more about the iPad features here (and spot a couple of familiar book covers in the iBooks screenshot).