links for 2009-07-28

  • The one subject I didn’t touch in last week’s series of posts on ebooks was DRM: digital rights management, the software that controls what you can do with an ebook (or any other) file. This topic is so fraught with emotion and misplaced certainty that it has “third rail” aspects to it. So we tackle it today with the knowledge that we’re going to annoy many people: there’s no way to avoid it.
  • For years now the rumours of the iTablet. Now, like a rising drum roll or Omar Sharif in Lawrence of Arabia, those rumours are solidifying into an identifiable and unmistakable reality (maybe). What really cemented the chatter was an article in todays FT; however this links to a Mashable post that comes with a library of sumptuous visualisations that has had the digitalist team salivating with desire all afternoon. MacBook Touch? iPhone Pro. Yes. Yes please.
  • The perfect bookstore...has no books! Not sure I quite subscribe to this, but interesting idea. Apropos of nothing, something about it reminds me of Argos though, which in turn reminds me of the early 90s. Surely not the future of book retail?