@rnmorris - a good read

One-time Macmillan New Writing author, Roger Morris, and now hugely successful crime fiction writer, R.N. Morris is twitterizing his novel A Gentle Axe. Reading it in my twitter feed each day is a fantastic experience, and of course one can go back into the archive at twitter.com/rnmorris to read the story from the beginning. Roger writes about this serialisation transposition of his novel onto Twitter on his blog plog. I think his thoughts are very interesting, and say a lot about the role an author can take in the digital arena.

Blogbook dismisses it as a publicity stunt, and a failed one at that. I admit that part of my motivation was to try and attract new readers to my books. Guilty as charged. We writers do not have the massive budgets spent on advertising that a new blockbuster film has, for example. So we have to do what we can. That said, I was interested in how this way of receiving text differs as a reading experience from sitting down and reading a book.

It's true, getting a sentence or a fragment every hour - that's how I am now scheduling my tweets - is not like sitting down and reading an extended section of the book through. You won't necessarily remember what went before. The text will work on the reader in a different way - but I am interested to see just how.

Please click over and read the whole thing.