links for 2009-02-16

  • As the literary world criticized and praised the Kindle 2 this week, another player quietly debuted: Plastic Logic. The flexible space-age reader will hit stores in 2010 with a lightweight, super-thin, letter paper-sized screen.
  • JEFF BEZOS, Amazon’s boss, pays attention to symbolism. He named his e-commerce company after the world’s largest river to suggest a flood of books and other products. He named Amazon’s e-book reader, launched in 2007, the Kindle to suggest that it would spark a fire (and not of the book-burning sort). This week he unveiled the Kindle 2, an improved version for the same $359, against the backdrop of a library that was once the private collection of John Pierpont Morgan.
  • THINGS are suddenly hotting up in the rather obscure field of electronic books and their associated reading devices, the best known of which is Amazon’s Kindle.