Conference blogging - that's sooo last year!

When we came to thinking about blogging the conference this year, many of us agreed that the need for direct reportage was more or less obfuscated by the enormous volume of tweets that emanated from the conference halls this time. Hopefully you were able to follow @thedigitalist and pick up some of our immediate reactions through that.  James and I want to mull over our notes and deliver you some in-depth analysis over the next few days, but while you wait for that, we thought it would be fun, just to get your mouths watering, to give you our top ten TOC soundbites:

  1. 'Decisions are temporary' - Jason Fried, reminding us all that we can and should continually re-make decisions.
  2. 'How do you make a Googly book?' - Jeff Jarvis, in his talk entitled 'What would Google do with publishing?' (Runner-up soundbite: 'we all need to get some Google-juice'.)
  3. 'If your web department says, 'We have to have a specification', you're lost in today's world - Tim O'Reilly, on the need for agile development.
  4. 'Daddy, where's your phone?' Tim O'Reilly, describing a friend's daughter's reaction when her father didn't know the answer to a question.
  5. 'Smart content helps you navigate content flow' - Nick Bilton from the NYT R&D Labs on ways in which we can deliver content that knows more about your online life, helping you get what you want most immediately.
  6. '...Or I could always show you Luka flipping you the bird again' - Nick Bilton, threatening to flick back to a mammoth overhead of his three and a half nephew 'flipping him the bird' in response to the idea that he might have to wait for...well, anything (illustrating the point that today's digital natives expect instant satisfaction).
  7. "Doctorow's Law: anytime someone puts a lock on something you own, and doesn't give you the key, they're not doing it for your benefit" - Cory Doctorow on why publishers should drop DRM
  8. 'The ultimate goal of Google Book Search is to convert images to "original intent" XML' - Jon Orwant, painting a picture of future transformations of GBS books into new formats once structure has been injected into the XML files processed from the scanned images.
  9. '... and now you can export to EPUB' - Bill McCoy of Adobe on the proliferating ability to export files authored on Adobe tools into the .epub format
  10. RT @timoreilly RT @alankay the best way to predict the future is to invent it

More soon!