Pan, Stanza and the iPhone

We're very excited that from today, if you have downloaded Stanza on your iPhone, you'll be able to read excerpts of some of our titles on the iPhone. We've forged a partnership with Lexcycle, the creators of Stanza (which has half a million downloads). What's more because the full version of these titles are available to download DRM free from our website, they can be loaded into Stanza Desktop software and synched with the iPhone. Check out for more information. Unfortunately at this stage you can't actually download the full text of our books book direct to your iPhone- instead you have to download them onto your PC from our website and then synch them with your iPhone. We understand this is a limitation and Lexcycle are looking at ways of improving the user experience. At the moment we have only a small range of titles available but we expect this to grow as we persuade more authors this is a good idea. We are really excited about the potential of the iPhone and other mobile devices as readers. They are portable, easy to use, with decent, large screens. Crucially they are already owned by millions- no one has to go out and buy a dedicated reading device to enjoy ebooks in this way.

Stanza is an app we have been following closely since the launch of the app store. We think it will continue to be a great success, continuing to drive forward the development of reading applications. Do check out the excerpts and let us know what you think. This really is only the beginning and is a learning experience for us all.