Skills in the digital era

I've been asked to be part of a discussion tonight given by the Society of Young Publishers. 'While publishing companies invest significantly - if cautiously - in new technology, and the 'digital age' continues to accelerate, the portfolio of skills that publishers need is expanding rapidly. From editorial to production to marketing, the growing influence of technology and the internet can be felt keenly throughout the industry. So what are those doing the hiring and promoting looking for?

For anyone keen to remain on top of digital developments in books this meeting aims to answer these questions. Hosted by the Society of Young Publishers with the support of JFL Search and Selection and MPS Technologies, our experienced panel will take you through what you need to know.'

I'm contributing from the viewpoint of the 'digital editor', and also contributing is Chris Meade, Director, if:book (Future of the Book), London; the chair is Ros Kindersley, Managing Director, JFL Search & Selection. It promises to be an interesting discussion. More details here.