It's Arrived!

Well, finally, it's happened.  The Sony Reader has been launched in the UK in partnership with Waterstones.  Having been out of the country for the past couple of days (more of which to follow) I haven't yet managed to go through most of the coverage, but it all seems as high profile as can be and generally more positive and sensible than might be expected.  Here's hoping that things turn out to be a success. I've often mentioned on this blog that I don't expect things to change overnight; that ebooks suffer from both being over hyped and irrationally despised. This launch marks the beginning of a new phase rather than being a sudden turning point. That said, this is a hugely significant moment for digital publishing in the UK and should be acknowledged as such. This launch has been something we have been working up to for a while. We're delighted to be involved and a big thanks goes out to everyone who helped along the way. It's been quite a journey! Still the work doesn't stop now. Expect more ebooks and more new ideas as things progress.