the manifesto as a word cloud

I've recently re-discovered Wordle - a web service that takes any text or RSS that you feed it and transforms the sentences into a word cloud, with lovely typography and colours. I find it a useful tool for checking the main message of any piece of writing, from a letter to a report to... a shopping list. So I thought it would be interesting to run Sara's "A book publisher’s manifesto for the 21st century" through the machine and see what came out the other side.

There are no right or wrong answers, obviously - I'm not looking for interpretation here, but rather a different view on the material, to see what thoughts that highlights.

Looking at the result, I'm not surprised to see a clear message emerging around the most used words: publishers, content, digital, books. I'm also pleased to see words like readers, reading and authors are prominent. And I'm delighted that one of the strongest messages is represented by the words 'need' and 'will' - meaning, it's something that will need to happen, and also, it can be interpreted as the will of the people involved can bring about change, responding to the need - publishers, readers, authors.

You can see the full size version in the Wordle gallery - link