The Break

So this is it from the Digitalist in 2007- we are all off on holidays for the next couple of weeks so expect a dearth of links and posts. Of course we'll be back in 2008, a year that is already shaping up to be pivotal in the history of text. Before signing off a quick thought. In many ways 2007 was the year of the application. Sparked largely by Facebook opening their platform applications boomed, from Open Social to iPhone hacks. Talking to a friend the other day he argued that the application boom has to some extent reversed the user centric revolution of the past few years. Take Facebook. Before applications came on everyone had more or less the same priviledges. Anyone could make a group that could technically have millions of members. When applications were brought in a two tier system was created when power was handed back to the developers, back to the PHP specialists capable of creating complex chains of code (complex at least to the layman like myself).

What could really take off then is for the person or company who creates a system that opens up applications themselves, that simplifies their construction to the extent that it is barely more difficult than creating a Facebook profile itself. People could customise their iPhones beyond selecting the application range- they could build the applications.

Blogs paved the way for near universal self publishing. What will do the same for development? Can it even be done? If it can and someone does I think it'll cause quite a splash, maybe even in 2008.

Have a great Christmas and New Year,