Taking Over

Ofcom has released a report detailing how, basically, the internet is simply smacking every other kind of media. Reported on the BBC and in the Guardian what seems to be causing a stir is not that usuage figures are up 158% since 2002 but that it is women and the so called "silver surfer" that dominate and drive this growth. This is the same demographic that buys books- as discussed here. Interesting. Young males, the indigenous population, are now a minority.

Google Earth is now becoming a book application, as described here. Not an obvious extension of the app, but thats Google for you. However it can do some very cool things and takes the "browse inside" concept to a new level.

This came up a while ago but didn't make it on: Liveink. The creators claim that it makes things easier to read and comprehend by creating a more natural relationship between syntactical patterns and the manner in which the eye scans the page. It looks like this:

Randall Walker, MD,
a practicing physician,
clinical investigator,
and educator
at a College of Medicine
in Rochester, Minnesota.In the mid-1990s,
he became aware
of subtle visual problems
in young people (and himself)
that impaired
their reading performance,
especially from computer displays.

Basically it turns prose into poetry. Check out the opening of Moby Dick. It reads more like Walt Whitman than anything.