Friday Afternoon Kind of Stuff

There are two videos that are essential viewing just at the moment. They may not change your life: but they really might. Anyway try here for a video called Shifthappen. For the other video, type Web 2.0 in YouTube and watch the top choice. Both videos work much better with sound on. Neither are obviously related to publishing. They practically had me weeping with awe though, which either means I am a complete prat (possible...) or they are simply awesome. You decide. Last night I did something rather geeky: I stayed at home and attended a live video, reading and Q&A with the great William Gibson- in Second Life. No, no, don't worry my life isn't usually quite so sad. Honestly. So the event started with a film about WG, was followed by a reading from his new novel and concluded with a lengthy Q&A session. Despite a slight technical issue unlikely to occur in "meatspace". As I said to an in-world journalist writing a piece for the Second Life News Network it was kind of like watching TV, listening to the radio, playing a computer game, social networking and attending a lecture all at once. Very strange. Talking of which the Macmillan building is about to be fully operational on Book Island/Publishing Village.

That Mssv piece on the Death of Publishers became quite a controversy spreading to the Bookseller blogs section and thence, in a slightly altered form to The Book Depository. And its unlikely to die down to quickly- a main feature should be appearing in the Bookseller magazine in a few weeks. Theres one thing nobody is saying: that the web will not, one way or another, influence desicions made by publishers. There just not saying that in lots of different ways.

An entry on Publishing 2.0 [link no longer available] suggests that Twittering is a form of publishing. Maybe if you really, really stretch what counts as a publication. Really, really. More of realistic internet publishing apps are those described on the O'Reilly Radar.