The Digitalist is a blog by the Pan Macmillan Digital Publishing team, colleagues and friends. So this is a publisher's blog. And, in some senses, it is a corporate blog. But we hope it will be more authentic than those general categories are sometimes perceived to be. We don't want the Digitalist to be an announcements page or a personal record.

Rather, we aim to make the Digitalist a mixture of a number of elements important to us:

  • A sounding board, a place where we can listen to people, and participate in discussions with them.
  • A news service, keeping watch on developments in the new digital era and the convergence of culture and technology.
  • An interrogative, investigative realm for looking at, and challenging, new ideas.
  • A place for introducing people within, and outside, the company to new ideas, and for discovering new ideas ourselves.

Please feel free to comment and get involved.

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Sara Lloyd – Digital Director

Favourite book: You Remind Me of Me by Dan Chaon

Favourite website:

Favourite things: shoes; roast chicken; optimism; cocktails; sleep; my kids (not in that order)

I’m the energetic (bossy) one with the infectious (too loud) laugh who likes to talk about things like ‘strategy’ and ‘vision’ and then relies on everyone else to work out the detail. The polite way to describe me is still best expressed by my Mum: ‘She’s not backward in coming forward’.