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  • Verizon Wireless is working on a tablet computer with Google, according to the mobile operator's CEO, Lowell McAdam. Such a move will give Google the chance to reach Verizon customers, who outnumber those of any other US operator, and could pit Google and Verizon against the long-standing partnership between AT&T and Apple.

Digital Games - from The Bookseller

It is difficult to pick one digital theme that stood out at this year’s ash-inhibited, but digitally switched on, London Book Fair, but the debate about whether a model might emerge for e-books that go "beyond the book" was particularly prominent. Driven, no doubt, by the multimedia capacity, jiggle- and flip-a-bility and sharp, colour-screened intensity of the iPad, a few of which were being flourished proudly round the halls by geeks who had pre-ordered from the US, this is a debate that is just getting really interesting. Continue reading on The Bookseller >

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