links for 06/12/2012

An overview from the panel at the Mashable Media Summit, with some interesting insight from the FT and Google.

Do Publishers Really Need Native Apps?

A really good rundown of a talk given by Stephen Pinches about the, from the ever insightful Martin Belham.

“Optimising the FT using HTML5 and customer data” - Stephen Pinches at #TAS12

Craig Mod builds upon his excellent talk given at this years Books in Browsers.

Sub Compact Publishing

Ars Technica have a fascinating article on how 10 years ago four Microsoft engineers predicted DRM would fail.

Response to Tor DRM-free announcement

Response to Tor DRM-free announcement

Last week Tor Books announced that it would be going DRM-free on all its ebooks over the next three months. This means that the technology which controls the use of content will be removed. For Tor authors, who are generally a tech-savvy bunch, there is a strong sense that DRM inhibits committed fans using legitimately-purchased ebooks in perfectly legal ways, like moving them from one kind of e-reader to another. For readers, DRM can be seen as an irritant which makes ebooks less portable and flexible than printed books.

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